Why Food is Necessary

Aargh! My stomach! I wish I would have eaten the past couple of days. I really need food!

First of all, food makes you happy. For instance, after eating lunch I was in a much better mood for the rest of the day. Ah my stomach feels nice and full. I think I will be smiling until I go to bed! Food is like a gateway to happiness.

Another reason you need food is that if you don’t eat food you will die. Further more, without the energy that food has you will starve to death. I defenatly don’t want die, and if it makes me happy food is a big win! This proves that you need food.

Remember food is something you need, and can’t live without. The goal of humanity is survival, and you can’t accomplish that without food. Crunch! Aaahhhhh! That feels so much better.

4 thoughts on “Why Food is Necessary

  1. I agree that you need food for survival. Food is very important to life. I certainly wouldn’t want to live without it. I can’t tell how some people survive with such little food. Food make you feel happy.

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