It’s a Small World

Can it get any weirder? Can it get any cooler? Can any place come close? The people, the music, and the food. I live in the best city in the world. Austin is the greatest place to live.

First, Austin has the greatest music festivals. Austin hosts some of the the biggest music festivals like ACL, South by South West. With a great variety of music comes a great variety of people witch makes it easy to meet some new friends. Austin is a great place to live for all music lovers.

Another reason Austin is the best place to live is that it has some of the best food. As the capital of Texas Austin basically has to have some good BBQ- not just good BBQ but the best BBQ. Austin doesn’t only have BBQ though it has many different great foods, and with a great variety of foods comes a great variety of happy stomachs. Austin is the perfect place to live for music lovers with an apatite.

I’ll ask again, can it get any place get any weirder or any cooler than Austin? Maybe so, but for now Austin is the greatest place to live.