I am from…

I am from a basketball and from snacks and old toys
I am from the cozy warmth
I am from the live oaks
I am from the pear tree whose long gone limbs I remember as if they were my own

I am from chores and church
I am from parents and siblings
I am from movies and bike rides and from music on the patio

I’m from the boogie monster and “eat all of your vegtables”
I am from rock n’ roll
I’m from sports games
I’m from Austin and Kanooga
I am from steak and pasta

I am from bringing home a rescued dog that later became a best friend
I am from colored family photos on every wall and in every heart


The basketball season is here, and as my favorite sport I am excited! The whole strategy to the game just gets me pumped up. Before I play I have to adjust my shot form to my new height and strength. It only takes about ten minutes to get used to the grippy feel of the ball.
This year my dad is coaching a rec. league team. A lot of my friends will be on it so that should be fun. Because it’s also fun playing against my friends, I like having some of them on different teams. I just can’t wait to here the swish of the ball going in the net!

English Class Essay

In English class, we are writing an essay. First we would write a draft about something exiting that happened in our lives. Then we would just change the intro into a proper and better one. After that we just changed the conclusion so it would relate to the introduction. I really like how it is turning out, and I am getting so much better at writing. Have you ever felt like you got significantly better at something.