Favorite Toy

When I was little, about 5 years old, I just couldn’t do without my frisbee ball. I remember playing with it everyday. However I don’t remember when I got it. It was a ball that you could throw, but if you squished it it would be held in frisbee form by suction cups. This was like a toy from space to me. If thrown in frisbee form it would pop into a ball in mid-air. Every time it popped I would jump. This ball introduced me to sports, and my childhood wouldn’t be the same without it. It was the best toy ever. It was my favorite toy.




The basketball season is here, and as my favorite sport I am excited! The whole strategy to the game just gets me pumped up. Before I play I have to adjust my shot form to my new height and strength. It only takes about ten minutes to get used to the grippy feel of the ball.
This year my dad is coaching a rec. league team. A lot of my friends will be on it so that should be fun. Because it’s also fun playing against my friends, I like having some of them on different teams. I just can’t wait to here the swish of the ball going in the net!

My Dog

My dogs name is Max. He was a rescue, that was found on the side of a highway. Max is very energetic and loves every new person. If you lay on the ground he will lick your face like crazy. Also a fun game to play with him is to stick your hands under a blanket and playfully hit him. When you do this he will try to find and nibble on your hand. Plus it won’t hurt because the blanket will protect you.