” plop-plop kershk!” The thunder storm began. In my warm house I peered out the window to see drops of clear liquid falling from the grey sky. ” Bang!” The lightning illuminated the dark room. As quickly as the room went dark the television buzzed off. I got up and went to the bathroom. As I looked in the bathtub I saw my terrified dog as expected. I wondered if today’s football game was cancelled. I went out side to look at the rain. It sounded like rice pouring into a bowl. ” Boom!” As fast as a bullet I was inside again.

My Dog

My dogs name is Max. He was a rescue, that was found on the side of a highway. Max is very energetic and loves every new person. If you lay on the ground he will lick your face like crazy. Also a fun game to play with him is to stick your hands under a blanket and playfully hit him. When you do this he will try to find and nibble on your hand. Plus it won’t hurt because the blanket will protect you.

Prep for Celebration Westridge

I am so pumped for celebration Westridge. Last year it was one of the best days of my life! Today is Wednesday and it’s on Friday so only two days left. I wonder what they’re going to have this year. Last year they had video game trucks, rock walls, giant hamster balls, laser tag, and more. I remember I must have eaton a ton of candy because the next day my stomach was about to explode! I can not wait!